Geology: rocks, formations and places

Penedono – Viseu, Portugal

The place and the gold-bearing granite-hosted quartz veins

Diamantina – Minas Gerais, Brazil

Birthplace of the modern diamond industry, home away from home, Fernando and Zana’s

Mayoko, Congo-Brazzaville

Alluvial columbo-tantalite (pegmatite derived) and gold deposits

Luembe river – Luxilo, Lunda Norte – Angola

Alluvial diamond mining since the fifties

Luando river – the falls and upstream, Bié – Angola

Diamond exploration in the center of Angola

nov 2009 Angola 045

Chicapa river – Lunda Norte & Lunda Sul – Angola

Kimberlite river

Andaraí & Lençóis – BAHIA, Brazil

2004 road trip to Bahia

Goiás & Minas Gerais – Brazil

A mineral treasure trove – 2015

S. João d’el Rey & Diamantina, Minas Gerais – Brazil

History, churches, diamonds and gold in Minas Gerais (2004)

Sri Lanka: Negombo, Pinnawala, Bantota, Galle, Ratnapura, Hundungoda and Colombo

History, words, elephants, sapphires, Buda and St. Anthony (2015)


Guanambi and Salvador
(Bahia, BRAZIL):

cacti in granite land and the History capital(2003)


Lunda Sul, Lunda Norte, Luanda & elsewhere

Of lions and nymphs (May 2016)

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