Bahia (Brazil) diamonds – Andaraí, Chapada Diamantina

Brasil Diamantina Andarai Lençois 2004 03 127

Diamonds in Andaraí (Chapada Diamantina), BA-Brazil

Travelling with a friend a couple of years ago in the Brazilian hinterland, I had the opportunity to photograph diamond parcels from several locations. This photo was captured in Andaraí, Chapada Diamantina, Bahia.

The region is a classical diamond producing area that has seen its heyday several decades ago, especially during WW II; current diamond garimpo is very limited. Diamonds in this area are characterised by the presence of carbonado (a variety of microcristalline diamond; a dark rock made of tiny diamond crystals, its origin being speculated as resulting from a meteorite impact), a feature in common with Central African Republic diamonds.