Global Mining Finance Guide 2014 study by the Mining Journal

Mining finance is a key issue for junior companies, a species currently with a high mortality. It isn’t a coincidence that “Survival of the fittest” are this study’s opening words.
Compiled by the Mining Journal and published a few weeks ago, “The Global Mining Finance Guide has brought together several of the mining industry’s leading professionals – from some of the most respected companies to service the sector – to share their unique insights and explain the intricacies behind mining finance“. You can download a copy here.
When reviewing a subject, this kind of summary reports is always my favourite starting point. You won’t become an instant expert but you’ll spot main trends are and where do dig for further knowledge and information.

The smiling future of jewellery according to McKinsey & Company

Economic Geology should go outside its classical bounds of the mineral deposit, explore new paths and, at least, acknowledge what the users of the minerals we unearth are doing. Mckinsey just released a short report on the future of jewellery: A multifaceted future: The jewelry industry in 2020. For those in the gems and precious metals, it might anticipate (at least partially) the trends in mining and exploration of these resources.

It’s an interesting view with a smiling perspective; do you share it? Or will it face increasing budget competition and threat from new offers (hi tech communication, travel and exotic experience) in the new generations? Is expensive (diamond) jewellery a good hedge against economic downturns in today’s chaos? Or is it just unfashionable expensive glass?

Mila Kunis – The New 2014 Face and Global Ambassador of Gemfields

A Stairway To Fashion

Monday evening a crowd of gemstone lovers showed up to celebrate Gemfields‘ new tabletop book, “Emerald” and the new advertising campaign showing actress Mila Kunis. She had spent seven days in Zambia earlier last year as she had been chosen global ambassador of Gemfields. “It’s really a luxury to own jewellery and gemstones. If you’re in a position to do so, you’re fortunate. Given that, I think it’s important to pay attention to what you’re wearing and where it came from.” said the beautiful Mila.

The new advertising campaign, shot by Peter Lindbergh, is unlike most jewellery ads for Mila is not actually wearing any jewellery. She was captured in her natural beauty, in black and white photos, without wearing any makeup and no hair being styled before the shoot. Also the emeralds are presented in their natural state – unpolished and uncut. “It’s…

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